Who Is Bruce Walker?

bruce-walker-1Bruce Walker is the creator of The Money Formula, a special money making system that helped him to earn more than $10,000 in one day, and repeat that success day after day. Walker runs regular training courses to help others learn the system and find financial freedom for themselves.

Unlike many other online money making systems, which are simply a collection of ebooks and videos for people to download, The Money Formula is a structured course. Each time the course is run, a set number of people are allowed to sign up. The course is run this way to ensure that everyone gets fair attention, and the help that they need to do well and implement the principles of The Money Formula in their own lives.

Bruce Walker is a successful affiliate marketer, and when he is not refining his course he can be found on affiliate marketing forums and popular blogs, sharing tips and advice with his fellow marketers. Bruce understands the finer points of online marketing, and has made a career out of finding ways to creatively sell products without annoying and alienating prospective customers. In an age when pop-ups, pop unders and intrusive scrolling ands or exit page popups are all too common, Walker’s skills are like a breath of fresh air.

What Is The Money Formula?

The Money Formula is a practical, easy to implement course that will get you making money online without having to practice “black hat” techniques or use tricks that the search engines will eventually catch on to. Bruce Walker perfected this money making formula, and since then has shared it with many of his friends and family; who are all now making good money from it. Now he wants to share it with the rest of the world.

It’s natural to wonder why Bruce Walker is choosing to share his marketing secrets, but the answer is simple. Online marketing is a huge industry, and Walker is happy to have some competition, because he knows that not everyone will choose the same niche. Even if you do end up working in a niche that he wants to operate in, there is no harm done. Competition is good for consumers, and that means it’s good for marketers too.

Does The Money Formula Really Work?

The Money Formula can help you to start a successful online marketing business. The system is not a “trick”. It is not a system that involves pestering your friends and buying into a doomed pyramid scheme. The Money Formula is a formula that turns hard work and intelligent research and marketing into sustainable success. You will need to listen to what Walker tells you and put some effort into building and promoting your business, but all of the advice is practical and useful. Bruce Walker’s revolutionary program will teach you how to stand on your own two feet as an online marketer. Each intake includes just a few students, and Walker works with those students to help them achieve their personal dreams.

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